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Cybersecurity at the service of your business strategy

We provide products and services to help you visualize your entire information system, prevent threats, detect attacks, and improve communication with your company's stakeholders.

Detect and prioritize Cyber incidents

Custocy is an advanced NDR solution that unifies all your information system's data in one 3D interface. It helps incident response and quickens decision-making about companies' business issues.


data from your Cybersecurity arsenal


communication with your board of directors


in 3D to foster collaboration between Cyber team.


en 3D pour faciliter la collaboration entre équipe Cyber.

With us, guarantee the resilience of your business

Our Cybersecurity Consulting team supports CISOs, CIOs, business line managers and general management of companies throughout the securing cycle of their information system: diagnosis of the level of maturity, definition and implementation of cybersecurity strategies, continuous improvement of organizations and processes, pentest and risk analyzes.

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Explainable AI for better Cyber decisions

Far from black box solutions whose decisions remain obscure for Cyber experts, we believe that collaboration between Cyber Experts and AI provides better protection against cyber attacks. That's why we put people at the heart of these decisions by sharing our algorithms through OpenCustocy.

Join us!

We are a team of Tech enthusiasts, made up of cybersecurity consultants, engineers and artificial intelligence specialists. Let's get to know each other! Check out our job offers! You do not fit in the boxes of our announcements? Send us your unsolicited resume.

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