How does Custocy detect Command & Control attacks using DGA?

During our last Sprint, Custocy’s scientific team implemented a solution for the detection of malicious communications called “DGA” (Domain Generation Algorithm), whose goal is to hide “Command and Control” attacks. I’ll explain what it consists of and what This implies for the security of your information system. Let’s imagine that an attacker wants to establish […]

Smart cybersecurity: pooling to prevent suffering

During the Assises de la Sécurité, in October in Monaco, Guillaume Poupard (DG ANSSI) proposed “to anticipate not to suffer any more and find solutions through a collective approach”. Two experts from Cyblex Technologies, Philippe Lepain, Chief Technology Officer, and Roberto Pasqua, Doctor of Computer Science, explained how pooling would consolidate cybersecurity through artificial intelligence. […]

Cyblex Technologies identifies vulnerabilities on iTop

Cyblex Technologies’ pentesters have discovered several vulnerabilities affecting versions prior to 2.7.2 and 3.0.0 of Combodo’s iTop software. We shared them with the editor who has since corrected them. What are the vulnerabilities identified? The high severity CVE-2020-15220 allowed two cookies to be created for a single session, which could lead to spoofing user sessions, including sessions with admin rights. CVE-2020-15218, of moderate severity, causes caching of Admin pages, making their content […]