Adopt a 360° view
of Cyber risk

AI-based detection and incident response prioritization

Custocy is an advanced NDR solution that unifies all your information system’s data in one 3D interface. It helps incident response and quickens decision-making about companies’ business objectives.

Why choose Custocy?

“Why did Pierre Fabre entrust his Cybersecurity to Custocy? "

Olivier Ziegler, Digital Process Director at Pierre Fabre

3D visualization to improve incident investigation

Our Hypervision interface showcases a 3D mapping of your attack surface and your information system. By connecting incidents with the list of your company’s assets, Hypervision brings context on incidents to speed up their investigation.

Contextualized cyber data for a faster response

Custocy detects anomalies and threats within your network flows and cements them with the data reported by your cybersecurity arsenal.

Optimize productivity in your Cyber teams and arsenal

The analysis of consolidated data makes it possible to bring a notion of veracity to the incidents detected and thus to reduce the number of false positives. Thanks to unified results gathered on a single interface, and the reduction in the number of incidents to be processed, your teams will gain in productivity.

A unique solution for Cyber experts and executives

Custocy allows different profiles of cybersecurity experts to quickly share the context of the attack, and to collaborate effectively with each other. By connecting incidents to the list of company assets, it simply contextualizes and illustrates the spread and impacts of an attack to aid management decision making.

Cyber Experts/ SOC analysts

Better prioritize threats and act quickly.


Gain visibility to better monitor Cyber ​​risk and improve the workload of teams.


Understand Cyber risk and its impact on critical business assets.

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