Who we are ?

We are a company of experts and cybersecurity enthusiasts who publish software to help decision-making in the face of cyberthreats: Custocy, and also provide consulting and audit services in cybersecurity. The company born in 2018 comes from the Cybersecurity Pole of IMS Networks, Network and Telecom operator for more than 20 years. We believe in a paradigm shift in cybersecurity management to allow organizations to be more resilient and sustainable.

Discover our history, with Mathieu Rigotto, General manager.

For this, we are working to:


and sensitize companies and their employees on good cybersecurity practices.


collective intelligence between business lines and CIOs around a shared vision of Cyber risks and Business impacts.


transparency in the use of artificial intelligence and breaking down the silos between technological solutions.

Our values

We are solutions oriented

Some see problems where we see opportunities. This is the origin of the Custocy project, born from the operational experience acquired within the SOC of IMS Networks and nourished by the understanding of the challenges of information systems security managers gained through our consulting activity.

We share our passion

Several of our collaborators work with DSI / CISO clubs, organizations representing the interests of companies, professional associations, universities and engineering schools, speak at conferences, or introduce the code to college students. and high school students.

We feed on collective intelligence

The consulting teams and the Lab Cyblex Technologies teams are in constant dialogue to enrich each other. To solve increasingly complex challenges, we also contribute within a wider ecosystem of partners: companies, research laboratories and cybersecurity bodies.

We work for more integrity

As a French cybersecurity actor, we are campaigning for European digital sovereignty. Our servers are all located in France and we promote the use of open source solutions, the security of which we can verify and adapt the code to our degree of requirement.

at the heart of our values

This project is the expression of what we believe in. A collaborative community of cybersecurity experts, researchers, individuals united around the same philosophy: the need to make AI in cybersecurity more transparent and explainable for cybersecurity within everyone's reach.

"Alone we go faster, together we go further"

We firmly believe that Cybersecurity is everyone’s business, and as such, we are part of the corporate social responsibility approach of the IMS Networks Group. Like them, we are committed to a more secure digital world.

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