When you were younger, you often took your toys apart to figure out how they were made… and you still do.

The answer “Because we’ve always done it that way” gets on your nerves.

You often wonder where your data is going and on which server it is hosted.

Do you recognize yourself?
You interest us!

Cyblex Technologies offers many opportunities for Cybersecurity and Open Source enthusiasts looking for a new challenge. Our team is made up of bright and committed people who work seriously without taking themselves seriously. We are always looking for new nuggets to reveal to, together, cultivate our ambition for smarter cybersecurity. What matters to us is not where you come from, but where you want to go.

Open source
above all

We open our code, our Machine Learning algorithms on Github to help other members of the community to go further in AI for Cybersecurity. Do not hesitate to fork our code, on Github, show us what you are capable of !

Challenge yourself while having fun, always.

Clash of Code or race this afternoon? Who wants to participate in NorthSec this weekend?

Be actors of innovation

We recruit talent so that together we shake up the status quo. Working with us is to contribute to the enrichment of our project but it is also to share your knowledge and what you have best to raise awareness, educate and develop Cybersecurity and AI.

Work where you want

At home or with us, work and live wherever you want, as long as you agree to travel to clients for assignments and, if necessary, to our various sites in Castres, Toulouse or Paris.

Will you be on the next team photo?

Discover our vacancies

You do not fit in the boxes of our announcements?
Do not hesitate to send a spontaneous application to join our small team who grows very quickly,
remembering to specify your aspirations!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Cyber & Pentest Consultant - Toulouse
Security & Governance Consultant - Toulouse

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